Stages of a Campus Recruitment Process

Arya College of Engineering And It: Stages of a Campus Recruitment Process
Arya College of Engineering And It: Stages of a Campus Recruitment Process

Recruitment has been considered the most important factor for any organization and universities as it is helpful in seeking knowledgeable professionals in order to fill up the right positions. These days a lot of companies are giving preferences to campus recruitment for filling up the vacancies as this is comparatively new as well as best method in getting the right resources for a company.

With the help of this method, not only company gets the best talent from different universities but also students can get a chance to start their career with some of the best companies in the corporate world. Campus placements are conducted by many universities through their placements cells. They also ensure that there will be openings for all the students and fresher’s jobs as many as possible.

Steps in Campus Recruitment Process:

  • Skill Assessment
  • Group Discussion
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview


Skill Assessment:  This is generally conducted by the company or with the help of assessment partner like AMCAT Test in college campus. This is the written evolution which is based on computer tests, then a pen and paper exercise. It is important to prepare well and clear the first round comfortably as these tests are generally the first elimination round of the complete process. In this process, there is a check of the skills of students in three parameters which are communication skills in English, reasoning ability and quantitative ability etc.

Group Discussions: In order to understand and sift through multiple candidates in order to come down to a select few, this step is relatively easier way. This can be formal or informal in order to check confidence in students, original presentation of ideas and flow of thought and conduct in a group. Most of the companies choose panel interviews instead of group discussions which is a more formal exercise.

Technical Interviews: It is a kind of putting a check that whether a candidate can be considered suitable for a particular position for which the recruitment exercise is being held. It is domain and role specific in nature. Most of the recruiters believe that fresher taken from campus placements may not be suitable for the positions but there are certain parameters that should be spot on.

HR Interview: In this step, it is checked that candidate is fit or not for the organization by HRs. the willingness to move for work of students and behavior in good and bad situations are considered in this step rather than classic check.


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