Preparing for your First Job Interview

Preparing for your first job interview
Preparing for your first job interview

The key agenda to be kept in mind of the aspiring students before appearing for their first interview should be “The first impression is the last impression”. Though there are cutthroat competitions in all the fields the uniqueness and x-factor make you divergent from the crowd. There are no needs of taking pressure and stress on your first interview and in addition, students should be confident and independent from all the odds.

We at Arya College of Engineering not only believe in empowering their intellectual strength but also aim at imparting guidance, success, knowledge, and support right from the beginning. Therefore, worrying about your first interview is not worthwhile but to prepare yourself for the upcoming challenges is much more valuable. To alleviate the students from straining on this topic, here are few first interview preparation tips for them.

  • Never forget the company

The company is a fisheye for you, which should be properly examined and researched before going for your first interview. Company information helps in understanding the working and the agenda of their work with their stories and information. Doing homework will be one of the first steps towards the interview success.

  • Caters your skills with a company

Try to figure out your skills and objectives with that of companies’ requirement. Applying with the set requisite by the company increases the chances of ending with the solicited job. Skills are not limited to words but also judge you on the way you dress and present yourself. Wear formals and well-fitted shoes in your interview doesn’t mean you are over prepared rather it depicts how much important that interview or job is for you as well as how dedicated you are towards your learning.

  • Body Language

As a matter of fact, the first impression does create the last impression so I would like to suggest students prepare well n there body gesture, behavior and way they talk. I know it’s difficult to know in your first interview what to say and what not but having basic discipline, attitude and precise, correct and up to mark answers will undoubtedly work on the impression. The impression doesn’t mean having glares and showing attitude rather respecting the person who is taking the interview.

  • Be legitimate with your resume

You people must have noticed that at the end of the resume you write, “I hereby declare all the information correct/right.” That simply is not just, for writing rather interviewer seek for applicants who try to be honest with their qualification and experience. Being true and honest should be first thing reflecting on your resume.

  • Follow up

The question buzzes or an exclamatory expression that hits at the end of the interview is what to do now. So, the simple and easy way to a conclusion is to thank the interviewer for their time and will be waiting for the reply.

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