A Look at the World’s Coding Pioneers

A Look at the World’s Coding Pioneers
A Look at the World’s Coding Pioneers


The concept of coding is so essential and significant that it has changed the way live and experience the world of computers, Internet and several technologies with whom we are surrounded today. Through these technologies, we are able to communicate and discover the world through a simple swipe or keystroke. We find it awesome and exciting thing.

Here is the brief discussion of some of the pioneer’s contribution towards the advancements in computer science, coding and technology:

Ada Lovelace: The reason if today computers exist is only because of Ada Lovelace as invented what should be considered to the first computer program. In her work, she got helped by the mathematician Charles Babbage who showed her his work on the Analytical Engine. She considered it for making the machine along with some innovative changes through which an algorithm is brought and made a complex number sequence with first computer program ever.

Margret Hamilton: She is a computer scientist worked for NASA and is known for coining the phrase” software Engineering”. She also designed some programmes which could check for mission programmes as well as software that send alert if a mission needs to be aborted.

Alan Turing: She possesses numerous achievements towards impacting the world in so many ways. He is very well known as the father of computer science and he has also worked on code breaking. Many concepts and algorithms were developed by him, which are known as computer science. He also developed Turing machine which is an original idealized model of the computer.

John Atanasoff: He was a physicist and also known for inventing the first electronic computer. He developed Atanasoff-Berry Computer that solved linear equations.

Tim Berners-Lee: He is a computer scientist and he is the inventor of the World Wide Web. The first successful execution of the Hypertext Transfer protocol is created by him which is the structure that people use in order to access website on the internet today. Without these inventions, we would not be able to know the innovative technology which we access on the daily basis. From online forums and shopping to blogs as well as news, he is the one pioneer who started it all.

Sophie Wilson: She is known for designing the Acorn Computer which is an 8-bit microcomputer. She also designed the architecture behind the ARM Processor that is used in all of our smart phones.

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