Let’s Bring Social Media in Classroom

Let’s Bring Social Media in Classroom
Let’s Bring Social Media in Classroom

Today is the world where technology has fast paced in the classroom and it seems that something new is coming out every day for the students and teachers. In the modern digital world, most of the classroom teachers are considering social media as a growing force for teaching and learning. Whether it is class blogs or Facebook pages to students, they all are using LinkedIn in order to create professional online resumes.

So we can say that social media has proven itself again and again as a force for good in learning process. We wonder that how do we get started with social media in the classroom as well as the best ways to use it for learning.

Here are some significant ways by which we teachers would be able to incorporate social media into the classroom:

Facebook: when we think about Facebook, we consider this fact that it has become the platform by which people can post their daily updates like what they ate in dinner or for uploading their personal pictures etc but it can actually be a great tool for communicating with the students. There are endless opportunities for using this popular platform of social media.

Through this, we can:
• Promote works of students.
• We can share the review on books or class projects.
• We can text students or fellow teachers with some queries.
• Schedule essential events.
• We can remind the students by posting it.
• We could create Facebook pages.

Twitter: It is another social platform which is very popular site and has an endless amount of opportunities. All we have to do is tweet to our followers on various study materials and courses etc. In few seconds; we would be able to receive an answer which can be used further to conduct discussion about multiple topics with our students. We can also create polls as well as surveys and tweet them. We can provide many essential data to our students.

Through Twitter, we can:
• Share the essential ideas and collaborate with the students.
• Through this, we could also schedule a “Twitter Chart” with the other classrooms across the country.
• We can follow some authors, astronauts for providing essential knowledge to our students.

Classroom Blogs: The trend of classroom blogs is boosting at the phenomenal speed that someday it would replace the infamous weekly newsletters. It is the excellent way through which we could quickly deliver the information to our students and their patients. It can be used in order to post homework, class announcements, and important information and to post a poll basically anything which we can imagine.

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