Invisible Eye: Advanced Security System

Invisible Eye: Advanced Security System
Invisible Eye: Advanced Security System

An advanced security with the affordable and less complex system has been developed by the researchers known as “Invisible Eyes”. In the modern world, the no. of cases towards property crimes is increasing which are leading necessities of developing an advanced security systems.

Basically, it is a single camera based security system which can be used in order to protect the valuable stuff kept in the room. Along with this, managers can also view the footage which was alerted on the presence of intrusion.

The use of this type of system is less time consuming and can be very helpful in keeping track of the intruder easily in less time. Once this intruder has been detected the information about the intrusion, it will be directed to the cop through the E-mail.

Such system consists of three components which are sensors that can detect the intrusions along with camera that slews to the point of intrusion and also takes pictures. In addition to this, there is a keypad used in order to interface with the system and allow any person to disable the system by entering the right password.

This invisible eye is an advanced security system which mainly designed for using a single camera to perform the security. The main reason for the security is that there may be some sort of valuable things in user’s home or some other place which needed to be secured at the right time for his property.

There are many present technologies in this regard by the researchers but they all have some drawbacks like multiple cameras, more cost, power consumptions and owner always has to view the recording of the footage without any assurance of theft. The model can be designed by using different sensors like motion sensors or vibration sensors.

The motion sensor is able to detect the motion of the human being in the particular area where this is placed. As soon as its senses the motion or vibration, its sends the information of motion to the microcontroller.

The modern security systems are extremely effective in preventing the burglary and thefts. In addition to this, it is also helping the police to respond in the emergency situations.  The essential thing about this home security system is its high decibel siren. In most of the cases, home security systems are being monitored by large companies with multiple centers.

Today’s modern security systems are using the alarms, infrared motion sensors as well as digital surveillance as monitoring should be efficient and emergency responsive.

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