HTML v/s CSS Differences

HTML v/s CSS Differences
HTML v/s CSS Differences

If we are thinking about building a website, then we have to deal with these terms “HTML” ands “CSS”. We often wonder about the core difference in these two terms and think that they all are same but they are not. Each serves a very unique purpose.

HTML and CSS both is the core web scripting languages whose primary use is to create web pages and web applications. The essential difference between these two is that HTML is being used for the purpose of creation of web page rather CSS is efficient in controlling the styling and layout of the web pages.

In HTML, first we would write the words and after that add the elements or necessary tags to it which is going to appear on the page. Due to this, the browser is able to know the heading of the page as well as beginning and ending of the paragraph etc.

In CSS, the work is conducted by the utilizing the CSS properties which are divided into two wide categories. The first deals with the presentation that is helpful in specifying the color of the text, font type, size as well as background colors and images etc. the second one is layout which defines the position of the different elements on the screen.

By using both HTML and CSS, a complete web page interface can be made.

We can understand the difference between these two through these key pointers:

  • In HTML, there is the dictation of the content and structure of the web pages but in CSS, it is helpful in modifying the design and display of the HTML elements.
  • In HTML files, CSS can be used but in CSS, HTML cannot be used in style sheets.
  • HTML consists of tags surrounding the content but CSS selectors succeeded by the declaration block.
  • In HTML, there are no defined methods but in CSS, there are internal and external style sheets so any method can be used for the implementing the code.

What is HTML?

It is a markup language for the purpose of defining web documents and web pages. It expands to the Hyper Text Markup Language in which Markup refers to the Standard English text and Hyper Text signifies the links that associated web pages with one another.

What is CSS?

It is expands to the cascading style sheets that permits us for creating rules which specify the representation of the HTML element on the screen.

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