Girls are As Good As Boys in CSE

Girls are As Good As Boys in CSE
Girls are As Good As Boys in CSE

With the phenomenal rise in the computing over many years, the Internet of Things and our trust on various technologies is increasing day by day but the participation of women in computer science is not sufficient in comparison to men across the world.

Most of the people think that the reason behind lack of participation of women in computer science is due to their inefficiency or less expertise in this field. But a recent published study has revealed long time myth about women in computer science that boys are better at CSE than girls.

According to the study, girls are just as good as boys and have the potential to be better. They are also less likely in dropping out of their course in comparison to boys but at the early stages, they often suffer from less confident about their abilities.

While on the other hand, generally boys look full of confidence and much surer about their abilities and performance in the future exams at the beginning. But when we take a look at the end of the first year exam results, we notice no difference between the genders and find that girls perform closely equal well with the boys.

A study has been conducted in this regard and according to which most of the female candidates in computer science often under rate themselves. Although numerous girls are master in the discipline but they make up one in five of college as fresher in these courses.

The lack participation of female in CSE is a matter of concern as well as attributed to the gender stereotyping and it seems that this is world of men. Due to this, there is a huge shortage in graduates, who possess the necessary skills in the digital age economy, it is essential to attract more female school leavers for making a career in this field.

Many students have been surveyed on the level of their comfort and anxiety around the subject at the early stage of introductory computer programming module and in addition to this; their results have also been compared by the researchers.

It is found by the researchers that boys were about the 10pc of the way into the module while girls were less confident about their ability towards programming and more anxious about the tests in comparison to boys.

However this study was quite surprising that the girls tended to have higher maths achievements levels at the time of entering their course.

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