Different Sources of Recruitment

Arya College of Engineering And It-Different Sources of Recruitment
Arya College of Engineering And It-Different Sources of Recruitment

In order to develop and maintain an effective and efficient team for nay organization, recruitment is a crucial part. A good recruitment strategy will enable you in cutting down the wastage of time and money which would have incurred through extensive training and development of unqualified resources.

For the purpose of sourcing, screenings, short listing and selecting the right resources as per the requirement of the organization, the recruiters use several methods in this regard. The types of recruitment provide various means through which an organization reaches potential job seekers.

Recruitment is broadly classified into two different categories:

  • Internal sources
  • External Sources

Internal sources of Recruitment: It refers to the hiring of employees within the organization internally. In simple words, we can say that the applicants who are searching for different positions are currently working with the same organization. This is an essential process of recruitment as it gives the opportunities in the development and utilization of the existing resources within the organization.

Here are the various internal sources of recruitment which are as follows:

  • Promotions: It mainly focuses on upgrading the cadre of the employees by evaluating their performance in the organization. In this process, the employees are shifted from a lower position to a higher position along with more responsibilities, remuneration, facilities and status.
  • Transfers: It refers to interchanging of jobs from one to another without any change in the rank and responsibilities of employees. It can also be in the form of one department to another or one location to another as it depends on the requirement of the position.

External Sources of Recruitment: In this process, the employees are hired outside the organization externally. In simple words, the applicants who are seeking jobs opportunities are those who are external to the organization. It has the main advantage that external employee’s carries innovations and new ideas to the organization.

  • Employment Exchanges: For the purpose of certain job vacancies, it is compulsory to provide details of employment to the employment exchange. It is a government entity where the information related to job seekers are stored as well as given to the employers for filling the vacant positions.
  • Employment Agencies: This is a better external source of recruitment as these are run by several sectors such as private, public or government etc. in accordance with the organization, it provides unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled resources.

For reaching to the conclusion, the HR department should be flexible in this regard whether it should choose internal or external methods of recruitment depending upon the requirement of the organization.


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