Computer Science v/s Data Science

Computer Science v/s Data Science
Computer Science v/s Data Science

Everyone is aware about the popularity and significance of computer science and data science. These two are the first choice among most of the students of computer science engineering nowadays. But there are some students who often confuse about the difference between these two which is also natural. To the extent, they both seem similar but they are different.

Computer science generally deals with the study of the computer designs as well as architecture and its implementation in the area of science and technology which consists of multiple concepts towards the technical aspects. It also includes hardware, software, networking and internet which are having a large number of research areas in order o advance beyond.

On the other hand, data science deals with the study of various types of data such as structured, semi-structure as well as unstructured data which are available in any form or formats for getting information out of it.

The core difference between these two could be understood through these essential Key-points which are as follows:

  • The field of computer science is the field of computations which consist of several subjects such as Data structures, algorithms, computer architecture, various programming languages etc. while data science consists of mathematics concepts such as statistics, algebra, calculus as well as mathematics and data engineering.
  • Through the computer science, we can get the knowledge about the building of processors as well as work and memory management in the programming areas. On the other hand, through data science, we would get a view on the usage of data for studying the storage, processing and manipulation of data in order to reduce the redundancy and for making it useful for further use.
  • Computer science gives us the opportunity to deep view into the utilization of computing machinery as well as its application while data science reveals the way of extracting information and knowledge from data in various forms.
  • The areas of the computer science include computations, reasoning and discrete structures and database design and on the other hand, data science includes simulations, modeling, machine learning along with computational mathematics etc.
  • Computer science is the main branch but data science is the branch of computer science.
  • The area of computer science is entirely about the constricting and utilizing of computers sufficiently and data science is all about safely handling the data.

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