Common Nonverbal Mistakes Made During Job Interviews

Common Nonverbal Mistakes Made During Job Interviews
Common Nonverbal Mistakes Made During Job Interviews

“It is not what you say; it is how you say it.”


We all know very well that nonverbal cues are critical and complex in the job interviews. If we know that how to read the nonverbal cues of hiring managers, we would be able to improve our chances of success in the job interview but sometimes we commit some nonverbal mistakes that are often dangerous in at the interviews. So there is a necessity to avoid it.

The most important factors of interview should be the content of our answers as well as our interactions which we have with the hiring mangers is also essential that is nonverbal communication.

Good nonverbal communications are really helpful in establishing a positive connection while bad nonverbal communication can be odd.

Here are some nonverbal mistakes which need to be avoided during job interview:

Abnormal Handshakes: Sometimes too soft handshakes can indicate insecurity and simultaneously a too hard handshake can signify our arrogance. If our handshake is lasting too long then it would signify that we might be trying had to impress the hiring mangers as well as we might manipulate the truth about our achievements, knowledge and experience.

Way of Eye Contact: If we are possessing poor eye contact, then it might indicate that we are not interested in that particular position and at the end of the spectrum, if we are giving too much eye contact, it can be terrorising and turn into a stare down.

Must Control Gestures: Many things are included in it such as continuously tapping a foot, shaking a leg or clicking a pen as well as a lot hand and arm gestures. It can take attention away from us simultaneously it shows our nervousness.

Less facial Expression: Humans are the one who possess various kinds of emotions so it is necessary to show smile or emote any type of facial expression at the time of the interview, if we do not do that, it can be a turnoff for hiring mangers.

Lack of Good Posture: Conducting a good posture at time of interview matters a lot. If we are leaning back and our arms and legs are crossed, it might indicate that we are less interested or not interested in the discussion or too much confident or arrogant.

Focus on Attire: Clothing is that factor of our personality that affects us in the interview most as it can signify a negative impact to the interviewer.

Most of the interviewers do not make the decisions on the single base on nonverbal communication but they do use these cues in order to help them in determining if a candidate will be a good cultural fit or not.

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