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The culture of engineering industry is very tangled. But this knowledge is only perceived with the years of experience generated from it. It is an umbrella term which directs diversified skills for the nation’s concern. I work under the Department of Training and Placement which helps the students in the completion of their desired goals.

Computer Science Engineering

The scientific and practical approach which study the structure, expression, feasibility and mechanization with various procedures in computation and related-applications.

Training & Placement

This area guides the students for the fulfillment of their dreams. They can get right knowledge, skill and aptitude by meeting the manpower requirements of the industry.

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Tips to Improve Campus PlacementTips to Improve Campus Placement

Tips to Improve Campus Placement

Getting grounds interviews for your understudies is a standout amongst the most vital angles that is anticipated from the universities in India. Understudies and guardians, all the more so amid retreat, search for grounds position records as one of the essential parameters in choosing a school. It is simple when you have a notoriety. It resembles Sachin Tendulkar getting chose understanding that programmed choice notwithstanding when he isn’t in his prime, however, to be where the needed to perform at the most abnormal amount in each match he played for around 15 to 20 years. So how to complete a […]

A Possibility to Upload Memories to a ComputerA Possibility to Upload Memories to a Computer

A Possibility to Upload Memories to a Computer

The possibility that some piece of us will live on after we kick the bucket is an ameliorating idea to many. One tech startup is recommending the likelihood of an existence in the wake of death—it could be said—by safeguarding individuals’ brains and digitizing their recollections. An organization established by PC researcher and specialist is taking a shot at a procedure to safeguard the mind with a concoction arrangement and guide its connectome—the web of neurotransmitters that interface neurons. There’s no desire here that the saved tissue can really be breathed life into the back. Rather, the thought is to […]


He is a friend and mentor to me for many years. He is passionate about his desires to share his knowledge and experience about business that he has amassed over lifetime of the practical applications of the principles related to education.


Puneet Tambi
Associate Manager

Adani Group

He is a great man who has devoted his life of 15 years for the dissemination of knowledge and education to the students so that they can achieve grate success in their lives. Also, I am admired by his counseling sessions for the students personally and professionally, being a part of training and placement consultant and head.


Anurag Anand Dubey

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