Why should we teach life skills?

Why should we teach life skills?
Why should we teach life skills?

Education is the basic action that every individual should perform. It should prepare our students for the future, whether it will involve further study, joining the world of work or becoming an engaged member of society. Education is a process that enables students to take their place in society as effective learners, as effective professionals, and as effective citizens and English language, education enables our students to do it in English.

There is often a mismatch between what students acquire or learns in the classroom and the demands placed on them outside the classroom. Recently, a study has been made which says that less than one in five employers thought that all or most graduates were ‘work-ready’. The overwhelming majority of companies said that graduates lacked key employability skills, such as teamwork skills, communication skills and the ability to cope under pressure.

In another recent survey, two-thirds of the company from different areas states that most of the graduates don’t know how to handle customers professionally, while half of them said that graduates were incapable of working independently.

At Arya College, we focus on providing a decent grasp of English Grammar, good vocabulary, training through various hoops, flexible or transferable skills. As we all know that the world is changing very fast. What we think we can take for granted one moment has completely changed the next.

None of us can predict with confidence what any given aspect of life or work will look like in five or ten years’ time, let alone decades down the line when our students will still be part of the workforce. So, it is not possible to fully train them in an ever-changing environment.

But we need to equip our students with the kind of skills that will enable them to meet those challenges. These are skills that you, as a successful, effective professional, probably use every day without too much thought. You go into a meeting and put forward your point of view while listening and absorbing the views of your colleagues. You organize your workload and manage your time by prioritizing what’s important.

You make decisions, solve problems and communicate with others. And you use the same skills in many different aspects of your life. Your critical thinking skills are important whether you’re analyzing something you’re studying, or considering a problem at work or thinking about an issue that affects your community. In your academic, professional and social lives, you use a number of transferable skills, and it’s those life skills that we need to pass on to our students.

Therefore, we need to realize how important these skills are. We need to integrate work on life skills into our teaching so that rather than being seen as an optional extra, or even being neglected entirely, they become the central thread of what we do.

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