Make yourself Differentiate by Practical Experience

Arya College of Engineering And IT -Make yourself Differentiate by Practical Experience
Arya College of Engineering And IT -Make yourself Differentiate by Practical Experience

There is a question which often comes to mind of most of the students that why should they go for practical training or why it is considered more important for them towards making bright future. According to the many professors, it is not enough to get only practical knowledge.

It is also necessary to have knowledge about that how to put that in the real world in order to use efficiently. It is the world known fact that India possesses the largest workforce in the world as Indians have strong access on theoretical knowledge as well as have good grab over English.

Despite these achievements, India has the low number of engineers and the reason behind it that they do not pursue practical knowledge or even a few candidates have been trained to be directly deployed on projects. Rests of them are usually lack in practical experience and soft skills.

The only solution in any kind of industry is application of theoretical learning along with the practical experience. Many studies have been conducted by several researchers in this regard according to which it has been shown that with the help of practical training, the students are able to understand more efficiently theoretical knowledge, retention and motivation to their study.

By sharpening and adding to the skills which you are learning in the schools, practical training can provide valuable work experience to candidates. For this purpose, labs sessions have been introduced by many educational institutions as a part of the core curriculum so that they could explore all the aspects of the experiments.

The main focus of the practical training is to elevate the knowledge and skills of students in a specific profession of their respective fields as well as at the same time, production of those graduates who are credible, creative as well as proficient.

Thus, it boosts their employability. Practical knowledge is very important in order to help students in adapting to the changing industry culture including new products, services, industrial laws and regulations which are introduced every day.

It improves the soft skills of the students by improving their communication skills, management skills, written, oral and presentation skills. It is very essential in promoting team spirit in the students.By exposing them to changing environment early in their career, it helps the students in better adapting to these changes.

Practical knowledge boost the opportunity for getting a job as most of the companies always prefer those candidates who possess a good practical exposure as well as experience in the industry over those candidates who have good academic records.

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