Future Challenges in Computer Science

Future Challenges in Computer Science
Future Challenges in Computer Science

Currently computer science is facing many types of challenges due to expend of digital universe. From the mobile or computing to data security, the task of resolving these issues require large and structural data but on the other hand, examination of these challenges could lead to the efficient organizational solutions as well as advancements in the world.

Today this area offers a number of opportunities for computer scientists. The internet has become most common thing among the people. In addition to this, the rise of artificial intelligence seems to change our lifestyles which could make the industrial revolution seem minor.

Here are some issues that would be faced by computer scientist in the future due to technological advancements:

Algorithmic Bias: A soon as our use of big data increases, the algorithm will have a growing number of variables in order to access at the time of making decisions. These are shaping up in order to be a major complex issue at the critical moment in the advancement of machine learning as well as artificial intelligence.

If the bias is hiding inside the algorithms, then most important decisions will go unrecognized and unchecked. It could also have serious negative outcomes especially for the poorer communities and minorities. Algorithms that are concealing hidden biases are used in order to make vital financial and legal decisions.

Security towards Internet of Things: The Internet of Things is the new technology which subject to all kinds of imagination as well as science fiction. Most of the dreams and speculations are still possible about it. This is the technology that is combining real life objects along with virtual life and original ideas. However, the Internet of Things will have to face a lot fop challenges in order to ensure its well performance as well as operability in the future. The security and privacy are some of the major issues which will prevent the wide adoption of the Internet of Things.

Encryption and Quantum Computing: The advanced benefits of the mastering quantum computing is the advances in cancer research and unlocking the mysteries of the universe so we can say that these are endless. But this computing power can also be used in order to unlock the different types of secrets from our personal financial or health records as well as for corporating research projects and government intelligence.

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