Emerging Computer Courses for Advanced IT Careers

Emerging Computer Courses for Advanced IT Careers
Emerging Computer Courses for Advanced IT Careers

Computers and technology have become an essential and fundamental part of our modern life whether it is workplace, education, research and development, government, business or personal and social activities. We can see this meteoric innovation in everywhere through computer, mobile, I Phone, I pads, TV, Internet among other things etc.

There are a number of career opportunities emerging n the field for supporting this phenomenal growth. B. Tech Engineers especially from IT and computer science fields are preferred by many employers as well as broad based technology oriented job roles in this sector. But the good news is an aspiring IT Professional need not to be an engineering graduate as a candidate with 3 years degree in BCA can also pursue successful careers in IT Industry.

Computer Programmer: A person with analytical mind and willing to study different computer languages along with passion for writing codes can become a computer programmer. A BCA Degree can be helpful in mastering some contemporary computer languages which includes C, C++, Java, VC++ etc to fit several types of industry requirements and also improves our employability factor.

Database Administrator: They are highly demanded in different industries and service sectors like healthcare and hospitality etc for the efficient management and monitoring of their information assets such as customer details, records and many more. Businesses can take their help in order to maintain their information privacy, integrity as well as target marketing and design responsive business strategies.

System Analyst: Today many IT Professionals have to acquire various skills for analysis, design and implementation of the information in order to address the several organizational issues and assist in sustainability and also long time improvements.

Multimedia Application Developer: The trend of video games is increasing rapidly among today’s generation and also among next generation. A person with analytical mind and creative thinking towards game developments can become an ideal professional. In order to develop innovative gaming video software, there should be necessity to develop interesting story lines and character designs etc.

Network Administrator: A BCA graduate can become a network administrator for determining overall system requirements of an organization and they can also make upgrades and repairs as well as maintain security and solve the problems. In addition to this, they can also evaluate and optimize the network performance.

UI Designer: They can enhance the user experience in the digital and online landscape. They also deal with the visual design in order to understand their vision and they also ensure a page by page implementation for optimized user experience.

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