Effect of Workplace Atmosphere on Employees

Arya College of Engineering And It-Effect of Workplace Atmosphere on Employees
Arya College of Engineering And It-Effect of Workplace Atmosphere on Employees

Whenever we talk about two main factors which makes an organization a good place to work, most of the employees will consider the good atmosphere of the company along with fine packages to employees. Most of the professional believe that these two things are much sufficient for attracting new talent to their organizations.

But there are some organizations which deal with an unfriendly and mismanaged working atmosphere which is not only difficult for employees but also it damages the company’s image. It reduces the performance of employees as well as the profits of the company starts decreasing.

Here are a few major things which prove that a healthy environment needs to be developed in organizations:

Determination of Employees: According to the many researchers, low morale plays an important role in a company’s success. It has the ability to build quickly or breaking the company’s profits. Determination deals with overall satisfaction of employees along with their feelings about their jobs and duties as well as their relationships with colleagues and superiors.

If there is negativity in the environment of the company, it can cause of breaking trust and communication as well as affect the ability of employees towards their work. Employees would less likely or hesitate to take nay initiatives or share their ideas or thoughts in a dysfunctional or hostile environment.

Productivity of Employees: In these kinds of atmosphere, employees always feel that they are disengaged or unappreciated which decrease the performance of employees. It also encourages absenteeism and delays in company’s targets as employees stop giving their best output.

They start believing that their hard work will not be fruitful. Lack of control and input in decision making will make them feel less motivated. Employees will commit more mistakes in tense or oppressive working atmosphere. It loses their focus on their work.

Retention of Employees: It is very obvious thing that in a strict and oppressive environment, employees consider to leave the job as soon as possible they can. Sometimes the reason may be low paying or another issues related to jobs.

It has been noticed that the highest performing employees first leave the jobs as they possess more opportunities as well as scope for recognition that they deserve. As the result, the organization has only few and least qualified employees with them which make them unable in attracting new workers as no worker would want to work in an unstable organization.



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